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  1. Hello I am just curious... Will an alternator for a 1992 toyota MR2 fit a 1986 toyota 4-runner? Thanks! ___________________ kustomatic love!
  2. Will the motor mounts in a 1989 toyota supra turbo fit in a 1988 toyota supra turbo for an engine swap? ____________________ kustomatic love!
  3. How do you replace the automatic gear select lever light on a 2003 Toyota Corolla Is it similar to the instructions I found for an earlier model Corolla? ___________________ Pimp my ride! Best Electronics Underbody Light Kit for me!
  4. What other year Toyota Celica gt body parts are interchangeable with a 2001 Toyota Celica gt hatchback. such as the doors fenders etc? __________________ Pimp my ride! Anzo Third Brake Light for me!
  5. Can you take the engine from a 94 Toyota Camry and install it in a 1990 Toyota Camry or are the motor mounts different? ___________________ Pimp my ride! APS Billet Grille for me!