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  1. ive had my 05 gt since june and before that i had a tacoma that fell under the recall , i made out like a bandit on the recall. I have a 05 gt with the factory action package. i put a short ram intake on it and that was about all ive done cause i put it away for the winter here in western mass. i love the car and from june to about november i put almost 15,000 on it. next to the car i love stereo's and ive put alotta time and effort into building mine. i have a 2008 model Kicker L5 and a boston acoustics amp. its plenty loud and very clean. im pretty good with stereos and i might be able to help u guys with it , im sure u guys will help me with my car haha if i can help dont hesitate just hit me up. thanks, ethan
  2. ive been looking around on these for alittle while but havent been able to find much for info, is it worth it on a gt to get one? is it going to make a difference?