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  1. Folks, My 2004 XLE FWD has this problem resulting in illumination of the brake warning lamp. My mechanic performed a pressure test and confirmed the leak. Top up of the brake fluid fixed the issue and warning light goes off. I was surprised Toyota today recall does not include the North America Sienna. Do you folks have experience similar experience? The brake warning light is on and the brake fluid is unexpectedly dropping to below the minimum line of the brake fluid reservoir. http://www.wheels.ca/reviews/article/792235 Here is some part of today recall... The majority of vehicles this
  2. OK will do...let us know any update from Toyota.
  3. Folks, My 2004 XLE FWD has a parking release issue for a few days, on and off. Need to press the release button to release from P position. Then it was good since then about 2 months. Very wired. Just know that my friend Sienna has similar problem. Just wondering do you folks have this kind of issue. And what is the root course for that? Mechanical or sensor faults....? Thanks
  4. Yes in Toronto. I compare other Sienna with the same wheels no problem at all. Also I have a 1997 Honda Accord with alloy wheels no problem after 12 years.
  5. Folks, My 2004 XLE FWD 17" Alloy Wheels paint/coating is peeling off and getting worse in the last 1-2 years. 3-4 years ago, there was some small pops. And you just ignored them. I believe it is a defective coating on the alloy wheels. Do you folks have similar issue? Any recall program? It is the same 17 inch wheels used for AWD Limited Version. Thanks
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