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  1. Additional information... the rear defog is also inop. I wonder if it'ss on the same circuit with the blower? -Greg.
  2. Greetings, This is my first post. My 1994 Previa van has about 150000 miles. Over the past few months the blower has sometimes not worked. To get it working we would flip the inside/outside air lever and it would start up. A few days ago it stopped working altogether. I opened the dash and it appears that the inside/outside air lever is not connect to any electrical switch. It must have been voodoo or some other indirect relationship such as the vibration/thump of the lever. In any case, I wonder if anyone has any ideas. It doesn't seem like a fuse or relay because it was first intermittent. I don't see how the inside/outside air lever could have anything to do with it, but it seemed to have an affect probably 100 times. Thanks in advance for any ideas... -Greg. -Dayton Ohio, USA.
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