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  1. Going down the hill with Akagi-San (home of the Red Suns, etc.) in the background. The famous finish line area at the base of the hill. Mogi rides her bike here to watch Takumi race, etc. The place where Shingo/Nakazato and the Red Suns guys watch the races is up the hill a bit more (to the right of the picture). Iketani parks here in dispair as he checks his stopwatch while preparing to race the Red Suns. After Takumi beats them, this is what his opponents see as he drives away to go back home. The final stretch of road after the finish line. Ikaho Town basically starts right around the corner & the GS is just down the street.
  2. Some of the establishments along the lakeside where the Fujiwara's sell their tofu LOL! It's a hella BFE kinda place with no local bus schedules that I could find, etc. This is about 9:30am and the town is still closed up. The starting line for the downhill battles, and the apex of the touge. Pictures from the uphill and downhill climb. Looking down at the 5 Sequential Hairpins. From the lookout spot where Ryosuke & Keisuke make their original observations on the skill of the Speedstar dOOds. The square in the leftside of the photo is a helicopter landing zone. Going downhill though the famous 5 Sequential Hairpins. The yellow/white markers indicate the location of speedbumps. The taxi driver tried to explain that they were put in to slow the local tour buses down since the roads are narrow. Maybe that's the "official" explaination, but I dunno... Looking up at the hairpins from down below.
  3. Akina (Mt. Haruna/Ikaho) Photos. Akina from Initial D is actually based around the Shibukawa/Ikaho city area in Gunma Japan. Ikaho used to be a seperate town but has lately incorporated itself with the larger city of Shibukawa. Ikaho is famously known for it's multitude of onsen (spas) and that was one of the reasons I went there this past vacation. But I did take some Initial D themed snaps too... Takasaki City. It has a shinkansen (bullet train) stop there, and I believe is considered a regional transportation hub. I'm not quite sure if Ryosuke & Keisuke live here, but supposedly the hospital owned by their father is located in Takasaki. Shibukawa Eki (station) about 2 hours from Tokyo via shinakansen. Fictionally where Takumi drops off Mogi when she goes to Tokyo, etc. The diner where Iketani begs Takumi to race against Mako Sato is directly across the street from the station. BTW: That's Mt. Akagi in the background behind the station. Base of the stairs in Ikaho (Akina) where Takumi met Mogi on some of their dates. Also Takumi and Itsuki spend time chit-chatting there too. Top of the staircase. Mogi & Takumi walk up there on their dates. I'm not sure if the guys work at the ESSO station in "Akina" or "S Town" in the show as it seems to change at times. But this is the GS that is at the base of Haruna Touge. The bottom finish line is about .5 mile away. Also a food place seen in the manga is next door too. Mt Haruna (Akina) with the Lake in the foreground. Where Miki chases Mogi in the snow, Iketani & Kenji go fishing as youngsters, etc.
  5. thx for the invite . well its a 97 corolla 4afe motor now a 4afte at 300 hp here is a few pic`s
  6. what`s up people i was hoping to see and meet other corolla lovers and also learn a few things.