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    94 & 96 Corolla DX Wagons
  1. Hello from North Central Pennsylvania I own 2 Corolla DX Wagons. A 94' with 174K miles and a 96' with 143K miles. The 94' was purchased at a local used car dealership. It has all options except the sunroof and roof rack even has ABS. The 96' was purchased from a dealer in Ohio on eBay. It has fewer options but does have cruise . My wife drives the 96' and is with the Nurse Family Partnership so she travels many miles in a day. I have a 70 mile round trip to work. I do most of my repairs but if I get stuck I have an excellent local Toyota dealership for those more difficult jobs. So far no major problems with either. Just had a dear hit my car tonight and damaged the right front fender and passenger door :( . I have found that used parts are hard to find for these styles of Corollas even with the Prisms having some of the same parts. People just do not get rid of these cars. Wagon parts are even harder to find. I am glad I found this group and hope to visit it frequently. Thank You.