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  1. Linh

    timer Bell

    Hi I recently went to Toyota to change the oil on my mom's car (Camry 2000) and they made an inspection. They said she should changed the 'timer bell' since it should be change every 5 years. Is that true? Even if she only has 51000km ?? And the cost is about 400$ ??? thanx
  2. Linh


    Yes.. It s written Mp3 and wma... ( Does that help you to solve my problem??) thanx
  3. Linh


    Hi i have a Corolla S 2009. Sometimes i don't know why i play my mp3 cd and all of sudden it turns off by itself and once i turn back it on all the 'radio program channel that i set is all reset'. It happened to me like 3 times in almost 9 months (with 3 different mp3 cd). Is that normal??? Can someone explain to me if did something wrong??? thanx a lot
  4. Hi can someone tell me what kind of products they use to clean their car??? My bro in law he used palmolive- soap washing dishes.. is that good??? thanx
  5. Linh


    hi thanx for your reply but can you explain to me how it works? I m kinda lost with that thing. Is it something that comes with the tires? Can i used it again with others tires? What happened if hte light lit up all winter?? thanx
  6. Hi Im driving on the highway everyday and i find out that i have a tiny scratch on the front of my car. so someone suggest me to have a hood deflector to help avoiding little rock and scratch the car.. I went to see Toyota dealer. And They explain to me that there are 2 kinds. The hood deflector : the normal plastic black or the 3M which is like a transparent sticker on the car. I was wondering which one is worth it? or If the deflector is really worth it or i just can buy some paint and paint the spot.? thanx
  7. Hi I m from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I just get my first brand new car - Corolla S 2009. I started to look for Winter tires since the new law oblige us to have it on winter. They told me that i need to put something call TPMS on the tires ifnot the light is going to lit up all winter. Is that useful or not..? (it s 416$CAN without the RIMs and the tires) .O_O. thanx a lot