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  1. An alarm shop may be able to program it for a little less, but most of the cost is the actual transmitter & key. You should definitely buy a second set though...if you lose your only set, it's VERY expensive to get new keys then.
  2. Try putting a new battery in it first.
  3. Love turbos....love it when they kick in and it throws you back in your seat, love the sounds, wish I had one on my Lexus! Lag isn't that big of an issue!
  4. Welcome! What questions do you have about your Toyota?
  5. Not much to do yourself on an LS...those things will run forever with minimal repairs ever needed. How many miles do you have on it?
  6. Probably every 90k on the timing belt. You can see the whole schedule here: http://www.toyota.com/t3Portal/document/omms/99ALLMS_MS0001/pdf/omsource/1999om/smg/1999toyo.pdf
  7. They seem to be pretty reliable...I can't remember any major issues with those.
  8. Yup...they run forever! I don't know if that would be my daily driver though, it's in such nice shape.
  9. Wow, looks new! How many miles are on it? Probably hold it for a few more years before it qualifies as a classic vehicle and maybe it'll start appreciating a little.
  10. Very nice...I've had several Supras; definitely enjoyed them all. Yours looks like it's in great shape; beautiful car!
  11. From Russia? I would recommend sites like eBay.com as your best choice.
  12. Yes, I agree the new Avalon is definitely a beautiful, luxurious car...but it's aimed at a different audience than the Lexus ES, hence the ride difference. The Avalon demographics are an older group; Toyota's attempt to steal clients from the Buick drivers (and it worked!). The ES is still luxurious, but sportier, and a little smaller, aimed at a slightly wider range of age ranges. Both are fabulous cars though. I heard a nasty rumor that the Avalon is being discontinued; anyone else hear that?
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