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  1. I have a background in electronics and automotive, so I love the Tesla Roadster. I can't wait until they figure out how to make it more affordable. As for torque in a 4 cylinder? That is what proper turbo sizing combined with a higher compression fixes. It is all in the tuning.
  2. As a previous owner of two MKIII Supras I think that would be fun, but I'm all about bang for the buck now. I believe in keeping it simple and light. Get the most HP and MPG that you can. It's a balance. Too much HP and you suffer at the pump. Too much MPG and the car isn't fun to drive. Heck, my dream project car is a 6speed IS with a 3sge BEAMS swapped in it instead of the straight six. Realistically though, I will probably end up with a ST185 or a SW20 after I complete all my EL chassis endeavors.
  3. I personally think the 1nzfe is the future for these cars. It is light weight, has aftermarket support, is cleaner burning, is becoming easier and cheaper to find, and is very similar in layout to the current options. I have done the common swaps and builds for these cars and will be trying the 1nzfe swap next. Don't worry, I will also be building a 4efte DIS for my 96 Paseo and using my 5efhe in my 92 Paseo for a yet to be purchased 91-94 Tercel DX coupe. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Shhh! Don't tell the anti-import guys about that meaning. They will take the wrong meaning from it and use it to verify their beliefs that we are all "Ricers", lol!
  5. That is a nice kit. My translator program didn't translate all of it though, it's Japanese. Maybe you should try Babel fish or something?
  6. I would return that radio and just get an aftermarket one. As for the A/C problem, pictures and or a better desripction would help. I have a wiring manual for that car and can look it up, but I need more info.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I will just take a few days to read through threads before I start to jump in here.
  8. Hello all. I am new to this forum, but most of you probably know me from some other forum. I own a 1992 Paseo with a 5efhe in it currently, but I am rebuilding it in to a 5efhte. I also own a 1996 Paseo that is mostly stock, but will get either a 4efte with the DIS head swapped over, or a 1nzfe with some sort of forced induction. Both cars have the Starlet GT rear disc brake swap and a few JDM goodies. I believe in spending my money on suspension. so both of my cars just look like regular lowered cars, nothing special until I move from NYC. It is impossible to have a lowered car with a body kit here. I am a married father of three who enjoys circuit racing, my Xbox 360, a good steak, a nice cold beer and a good mild cigar. I hope to make a difference here and to enjoy my stay.