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  1. Parts stash of early 70's Corona and Corolla parts still available in Idaho. Some individual parts sold, still have lots more. I no longer have any early cars, so everything spare is for sale, one part at a time or the whole pile. Charlie
  2. Selling my stash of early Toyota Corona/Corolla parts—mostly mechanical parts, some body parts & glass-1971 to 1976- from 8RC/18RC parts & core engines, several trans, couple of rear ends, steering column, heads, carbs, some taillights, instrument clusters, and other things I salvaged from cars which died, so I could maintain the survivors. One good 2TC + trans. Parts located in Idaho. No whole cars. Contact:
  3. For Sale: 1970’s Toyota Grab Bag/ bring a pick up! In the late ‘70’s and early 80’s we had a few Toyota Corolla/ Corona cars, mostly ’71 to ’76.. I have a small shed full of parts. First $200 takes all the Toyota parts away, OR I will sell individual parts if I have something you need and you make it worth my while. Or I can put it up on e-bay and see what happens. Instrument clusters; dash parts; wiper motors; wiper mechanisms; wiring harnesses; Heater; steering column with switches and key; doors; rear deck, Corolla FR fender, two rear window glasses ( one corona, one corolla) Good 2 TC engine; assorted stick shift trans, 4 and 5 speed; Assorted 18RC parts: one whole core engine; couple of heads; carbs; accessory parts stripped off blown engines. A couple of rear ends. Tell me what you need! Charlie
  4. 1981Toyota Celica Sunchaser Targa, good runner! ** Conversion by Griffin of California 1000 of these were built on Celica GT Chassis, 1979 to 1981 Mechanicals are standard, just turn the key and go anywhere. 22R engine/ 5 speed/ air- blows cold Has had regular maintenance, new shocks all around about 5 years ago, wheel bearings replaced or packed,etc. New vinyl upholstery, tan Runs very well, doesn't use oil, good gas mileage. Unrusted western car! About 129K miles Paint is getting weak. There is even a Sunchaser Web site! Asking prices range from $800 to $14,000, but more common prices are $2000-$4000 Asking best offer over$1995 Pass this along to your Toyota buddies! Charlie Email for photos