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  1. 07 Camry 4 cyl in Hawaii car runs rough when A/C is turned on ok if off. Dealer said car is running normal with A/C on? Typical dealer BS! Does this car have an idle compensator that adjusts the idle for the added a/c load? Or could the problem be the IAC idle control valve? Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Have a 08 RAV4 & a 08 Yaris hatchback. Does anyone know where or how i can retrofit day time running lights on these 2 cars? Am disappointed in Toyota that DRL's did not come with the cars when i purchased them. My 98 Buick RegaL had them. I drive on a hilly, winding, no traffic seperation road & would like to have DRL's for extra safety. Thanks for any help info!