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  1. Just a bit more info... The information above is to remove the centre console on a UK Spec car. You can remove the plastic trim arround the gear shift without the need to remove the shift knob or gaiter :) Also on the later verions (1994 onwards), you will need to remove two screws on the underside of the dash, one either side of the steering column. as the plastic trim from the centre console is one piece that also goes all the way to the left hand side of the dash and dials. It's also often easier to tilt the steering column all the way down. 1] Remove gear gaiter from plastic trim starting by unclipping the front of it and then the rear. 2] Pull up on plastic trim surrounding the gear shift. 3] Remove ashtray and the two screws exposed 4] Remove two screws on underside of dash (one either side of steering column 5] Tilt steering to lowest position 6] Starting at bottom of centre console trim, pul towards you gently, but with reasonable force to unclip clip. Be extra careful near the top at the airvents. 7] Now unclup the section that goes over the steering column 8] Remove connectors from switches and cigarette lighter. One of the connectors is an LED backlight for the lighter which will need twisting off rather than just pulling. 9] Remove entire centre console trim and you will see the stereo unit held in place by screws. In the UK replacement facia trims are available to convert from a double din space to single din space. Also we have wiring adaptors so one does not need to "cut and dice" the loom. I am pretty sure similar are available in the US. HTH and makes it a bit easier B)
  2. Everything you need under one roof... Variety from practicle to power B)
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