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  1. I appreciate that information very much, thank you!! if I were to google, would I use the term billet? Or front end bumper grill? Thanks again....I don't know your name? have a good weekend, Marc
  2. I am wondering on my 1997 Celica, if the lower bumper air dam( I guess that is what it is called, where the fog light are, originally had a mesh grill? I have never really bent down to notice it until recently, but through the air dam , it open air leaving the lower radiator wide open for road debris/bugs to hit it. It looks like that there could be some sort of mesh grill that would filter out such events. I have no clue if the design was supposed to be open air, or if there was a grill. I would appreciate any information. Thank you-Marc
  3. When the engine is cold, engine will stall and not hold an idle. After maintaining 1,000 RPM's for approx. a minute, engine will idle fine. It seems to do this every other or two engine starts. I have replaced the throttle positioning sensor...and it seemed to work for few starts. But now it is doing it again. Warm idle is at 800 RPM's and engine runs great except for intial firing. Anyone out there have the same problem..or had? I would appreciate very much for anty feedback. Thanks, Marc