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    COROLLA 2001 G6 1.6vvti
  1. danilo

    MR2 mk2 1992

    I am planing to by mr2 1992 NA targa, s3ge. I think that the engine is ok- there is no oil consumption and no smoke on mufflers, the front end was repeard and there are no ABS and powersteering. Is this a reliebel car and is it going to last for a minimum of 4 years? What parts I need to inspect ,as a week spot of mr2? Sory for my bad typing
  2. I have a corolla 2001 g6 3zz, i am searching for a turbo for it. But I am not sure that the engine is going to stand it? Is anyone having an idea can the turbo install proces can go on ,without changing the engine parts? And sory for my bad English
  3. danilo


    no turbos for 3zz?
  4. danilo


    it is last 3zz as I know... on google I have found that this 1.6vvti i week engine that is very complex to tune, and that the cheepest is the comprsssor, and that is not eaven near cheep to me... THANKS
  5. danilo


    Can any turbo fitt for this engine 3ZZ?
  6. ALL CELICA models ar sharp and I love them ALL
  7. danilo


    Hi sory for my bad typing.. I am from Serbia , I imported Corolla G6 2001 1.6 vvti 81 kw Was wondering is this engine having any options for torque upgrade, and how hard is to find parts...? Meny companys do not eaven shipp orders to Serbia