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  1. I want you to check just a couple things before we start going elsewhere. There is a vacuum hose the is connected to the bottom of your air intake, for your power steering, I'd like you to check that it is securely connected, as well as your clamps that hold the intake plenum onto the manifold. And, just to be sure, check the connector for your "flapper".
  2. It's been a while, but I'm not sure if I ever posted what I drive... :P '89 NA 5-speed targa. I've put 9K miles on it in the 2.5 years I've owned it.
  3. I'm sorry for this being so incredibly late. The entire problem was relays and circuit breakers flying out when I bashed the snot out of the body panel behind the fuse boxes. Initially it didn't occur to me because I didn't see any of then floating around the cab. I was peering around the area one day right before work and noticed that the relays and breakers were underneath the fuse boxes, between the body panels. Pulled them all out and plugged them in, now everything works.
  4. Thanks for the link. It works quite well.
  5. No doubt you will be a valuable resource to the rest of this community. Welcome. you never saw me ^_^
  6. Will do. I'm having trouble tracking down a decently priced 1J front clip to do the right hand drive conversion. It would be perfect to complete the ensamble, don't you think?
  7. yes. I've pulled the entire door apart and visually checked everything, as well as checking the plugs on the jumper panel. The only thing I haven't done is pull the fuse boxes off, and taken the rubber boot off that is located between the door and the body.
  8. Hello everybody. I was wondering how to remove the fuse box on the driver side inside the cab. Any help would be appriciated. Thanx!
  9. The link is broken. Would you mind reposting/rehosting?
  10. Yes indeedy. Truly a nice find.
  11. Any idea if those springs would work for a Mk III? And finally, the smart question; do you still have them?
  12. Oki dokey. I installed a lambo kit on my '89 and suddenly... (wait for it) *gasp* The heater doesn't work, the windows/doorlocks don't work, the power seat doesn't work. The vanity light on the door DOES work, however. The digital display on the climate control works as well. Not sure what to think. Any help would be appriciated. Thankyou in advance for at least "listening".
  13. I think he might have a problem checking up on posts. It's been a while since anything's been written here. Let's give it another try anyway... ;) *clears throat* So... is it sold yet? Goood... Did it find a good home? Good...
  14. I'll take an LF-A any day of the week over the "Mk V"; that thing is absolutely hideous. It's like looking at the new *shudder* Ford truck.
  15. BloodierSpawn


    I completely agree. (random, huh?) Our love for our cars will live on in our garages/driveways. Why they would leave us high and dry; I don't think Toyota will ever have a reason good enough for me. The I6 is a proven engine platform, and why they would stray from that in the next "generation" just blows my mind. *sigh* We are truly a rare breed...