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  1. It's black, I realy like the looks of this car, not man y paseos out there, even less convertibles.
  2. Blackwith Black top. Thanks. I'll have to put up a picture. Do you mean just stock shocks or do you advise something else? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Were you able to get those friends with modified Paseo's out to this page?
  4. Hi Paseo Owners My 97 Paseo Convertible w/only 55K miles, fuel efficiency suddently went from 30mpg to 23mpg. Has a fuel induction system service done and sparkplugs changed, got better power, however hardly any MPG improvement. Any suggestions on what may be wrong/check next? All suggestions are welcomed, after getting this fixed, I'm planing on improved or custom suspension (suggestions welcome) Custom Exhaust & Intake also something I want to do. (suggestions welcome also for this). Thanks in advance for reading and suggestions.
  5. Hi I have a 97 Paseo Convertible, 55K milles only, it rides terrible, mechanic says suspension is fine, no replacements needed. Anyone have any suggestions on what to replace to get improve the suspension?
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