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  1. Happy Birthday Hon ;) Have a good one B)
  2. I'm sure it can be arranged Ash ;)
  3. You can also add in the UK Speed Camera database Alan :P as well as a Full Postcode lookup program ;) Great little systems. I love mine. It has given me much more confidence in going places by myself whereas before I reckon I would have got lost :P now its easy to navigate to or from anywhere! :P
  4. Nah..... I prefer the P1 and P2 ones atm... it might be a 'grower' tho :P
  5. Hey there all :) welcome :) be great to have you and bring your mates too! ;)
  6. I have got a Mitec Mio 168 with Tom Tom... its a great little system, and works wonders :) It has given me a lot more confidence driving places I have never been before alone :)
  7. Well I'm JJ I live in UK, but couldnt resist popping over here to see all about the US versions of things. I drive a Yaris (Echo) 1.3 CDX Which was the top of the range Yaris 5 years ago (all changed now)
  8. JustJJ

    how many

    Not sure kimi... But the Echo hatch is my fav! JJ B)
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