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  1. YUP, still under warranty. Problem is with this being so erractic how will the dealer find the problem and repair it. They probably have their hands full with gas pedal issue. thanks Roy
  2. This is not the normal ASL function. The volume just randomly changes. Example: volume displays 10, then it climbs to 30+ with little or no speed change. Some times it go back down on its own, some times it will not. A couple of times it has just gone up and down like your kid is playing with the volume control. I suspect taking it to the stealer would be a waste of time since the problem is so random. Does anyone know if there is a system monitoring the radio controls and recording data like on the cars drive train? thanks old n
  3. Hi all, on our 08 SE the radio volume has started randomly changing on its own while you are driving down the road. We have the volume control in the sterring wheel and I have confirmed these are not being touched while it is happening. Radio is the JBL with single CD player and Blue tooth option which has never been used. Seems to happen more often when the vehicle is cold. Suspect that the problem is in the remote controls in the steering wheel but don't want to do much digging due to the air bag. TIA Old n
  4. Not knowing all of the things you changed or checked I would first suspect the drive belt. Some symtoms of a slipping belt. Does this sound change with engine RPM or go away once the car has run for a few minutes? I.e. Alternator loaded recharging the battery from starting. Does the sound increase with sudden acceleration with the car in park? Does it change or increase when turning on all the lights? I.e. loads the alternator more Good luck the Old n
  5. Hi all, I have tried different searches to see if their was any reference to the size wrench / Toyota part number required for an 08 Camry with the 2.4 liter. Does any one know if Toyota has a wrench / p/n for this vehicle? Is there a website with this info? Reason for this is that I am attempting to see if the wrench is the same for my 08 Tundra with 5.7 liter. Toyota p/n 09228-06501 is the filter wrench for the Tundra. TIA Old n
  6. Hi all, I am considering purchasing a Tundra and am trying to gather some information on them over the model years 04-08. Model that I would prefer is 2 wheel drive, standard cab, 8-foot bed. I.e. GMC Sierra 1500 replacement. Questions I have are: Where these available for these model years? Did certain years have some problems that others didn't? I.e. model year changes. Was th 07 model change a sheet metal / cosmetic or was it a complete frame drive train change? Did cruise control come standard or was it part of the SR5 option package? any help will be greatly appreciated. If there is a website with this info please point that out also. NOTE: I found the original sales brochure on the Toyota website. Roy
  7. oldnslo

    Oil Leak

    Wouldn't it be the front main on the passenger side? I agree with that many miles it would be considered maintenance. Roy
  8. Welcome, info is plentiful and some of it is even usefull
  9. Protect yourself: If you do your own service I.e. oil changes, tire rotation, etc. Keep all of your oil filter and oil purchase receipts. Same thing if you have it done else where I.e. Jiffy Lube, Lube Express, etc. Keep ALL of the receipts and mileage. Dealer ships find it harder to argue when you have good records and documentation. This info is from my brother who worked for a dealership for years. Roy
  10. Leighcm, you are correct. It is located in a recess at the bottom left corner of the glove box door. It is actually part of the dash that is covered by the glove box door. Problem is it still doesn't reset: What I was told the reset procedure is: Start the car, press the reset for approximately two seconds. The light should go out, the press the reset button again until the light flashes three times. On mine the light never goes out so I suspect one of the sensors has gone to heck already. Not to impressive, 12 months 13,000 miles. Roy
  11. I finally got another chance to look for the reset button with no luck. Does any know for sure where or if an 08 Camry has a owner accessible reset button. I have looked under the dash, in the glove box, in the compartment between the dash and glove box with no luck. TIA Roy
  12. Welcome, oh and you may need to change that wrench in your hand to metric :D
  13. I looked under the dash for the reset with no luck. Being old, fat and blind doesn't help with this either.... Will look in glove box this weekend. Called the dealer and response was "Bring it by you may have something wrong". I do all my own service and hate taking a vehicle to a dealer. My experience is that they seem to create more problems than they cure. NOTE: Have never taken a Toyota to dealer yet. thanks for the replies black electrical tape over the light cures all Roy
  14. Low Tire Indicator update: Checked all of my tires and they where all at or above recommended pressures. I even increased the pressure to 38 - 40 PSI as a test to see if the Idiot light would go out. No Luck. It blinks for approximately one minute and then stays on solid. I am going to tyr and attach a page from the owners manual as a reference. Roy Tire_Indicator.pdf