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  1. erh...............not green has to be black or red :D
  2. told you there would be more people :P
  3. HI i'm kimi :D female from UK drive the 1st in the uk supercharged Yaris Tsport
  4. I'm interested :D saw it at TTE in Koln its very very nice, its quick too it may well be my next car ;) i liked it that much :D
  5. Most people have seen the pictures in mags or on net, so what do you all think of it? i'm waiting to see it in the flesh before i make up my mind, but IF the 1.8 turbo does come out i'll be taking a closer look :D kimi
  6. i voted sort of it works for lexus but not really sure about the others dont think they have it right yet
  7. bit late but hey hope you all had a good christmas :D
  8. kimi

    new supra?

    that would be nice if that happened :D i like the side view and back i'm not too keen on the front end unlike the DB7 it would be reliable!!
  9. kimi


    yeah me too what a car :D
  10. kimi

    how many

    hi RED where abouts in the uk were you from?
  11. kimi

    how many

    yeah i like them too...have you seen that cool gold colour ;) ?
  12. just thinking...how many different types of echo do we have over here? kimi
  13. hi i'll post some pics up when i get them :D
  14. i'm sure there will be more here soon, hello anyway :D
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