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  1. I have a chance to purchase a Supercharged 1.6 4AJZE MR2 motor for $700 w/shipping. Question is can I use my same 5 speed trans w. this? I can get it w/no ecu or harness. I have a 96 Seo. 1.5. Would there be any other upgrades that I may need??
  2. I have had this post for a couple of weeks now, trying to talk with some Paseo owners for a few questions and answers pertaining to parts and upgrades and so forth. With no avail to a response. I thought this was a q&a forum. I have had more response with Toyota Nation.com almost immediately. Not that I have been on this site for a long time, I don't like being ignored. I can bust my knuckles with the best of them when it comes to my vehicles. We have 2 Toys 1 car 1 truck and sad to say I haven't found any help other then the administrater, to you sir I say thanks. To the rest of you adios amigos. Not that any of you would care 'cause who am I anyway right?? I would have to say on a rated scale (1-10)as far as response I will give this site a strong 2. May peace and joy be with you all on all your endeavors and may GOD care for you and your families. Ant :(
  3. No seo owners want to talk about their "Ride"?? Does anyone read this other then the administrator??
  4. that is awful kind of you, thank you
  5. :) whassup everybody, how you doin?? I am curious to find out how many Paseo owners are out there ridin. Thoughts of theres about their car , handling , response, accessibilty to parts. I have been told there aren't any compatible parts, but it is a crossover from corolla and maybe celica(both have 8' wheel base) I am looking for body parts,ie front fenders, hood, and lights. Paseo has 2 piece lights and I was inquiring on 1 piece and have not found any yet. I know they are out there some where. All the new Toys have 1 piece. Do any of you guys have part cars w/these parts?? Thanks Ant
  6. i found info on the motor thx. body kits and wbody kits I need some help on. nothing to xtreme tuner looking, more like the Acura or Lexus, rounde more pointed front end. Any bites ??? :) B) Ant
  7. Thanks 4 the advice. I have only found a couple of dealers to carry kits 4 the Paseo, would u know of any more ?? and where can I find out about the 3sgte motor u r referring to ?? and specs on that motor I can find ? where please?? would there be any tranny changing needed ?? Any thoughts or help would greatly be appreciated. Thx Ant
  8. B) whats up fellas ?? I am new to this site and I have to say that its set up pretty good. I like what most of you all have done to your rides. I have recently purchased a 96 Paseo after owning and selling my 25th Anniv Mustang GT w/300+hp and well over 140mph. Well enough of the sob story. I now have this Paseo with a couple of ideas. I parked my car right beside a 93 Celica and noticed that they have the same wheel base which is 8ft. Height is the same. The main differences I see are the front and back windshiel are sloped a little more than the Celica. What my question is. I know that I am not going to get my 300+hp in that car without spending a whole lot of money, so first I hav some body plans. Do any of you know what body parts are compatable in the Toyota family. Ground affects for one idea. Side skirts I can get to fit w/ the Celica and MR2 and maybe Supra. For I am looking to put a wide body kit on and can only find 2 or 3 companies that make kits for this car. Any ideas ?? Secondly suspension swapping. Any ideas ? And 3rd after all the body work is done, how about a 2JZ mototr from the supra ??Is it possible or not ?? Iknow teir will have to change front end and rear. trans and more. Any help that any of you can give would be great thanks. Anthony
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