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  1. I just spent 2800 dollars to completely rebuild my A/T. the diagnosis was catastrophic failure of BOTH differential bearings which caused contamination of the transmission and ultimately Failure. Anyone have any success getting financial help from Toyota USA ? P.S. ALL transmission checks and maintenance at 30K and 60K done at a Toyota dealership. This was my family's 18th toyota in 23 years.. Heretofore, maintenance issues were non existent with toyotas. Reason I kept buying. I have lost the love. Help!! :(
  2. I have a 2000 Camry XLE wilth 71000 miles and just had what was called by a mechanic, a catastrophic transmission failure. Highly unusual saith the wrench turner. Odds are about 1:1.5 million in the occurence at this mileage. Anyone else out there have a tranmission problem or know of a Toyota recall on the transmission?? Help!!!!! :o :o