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  1. fidgits


    happy new year all!
  2. yeah, you'll probably have to get them replaced im afraid!
  3. try toyota.co.uk - the British dealer should ship to you, and Diesel is much more common over here!
  4. yeah, its not going to fit!
  5. fidgits

    Noob here

    hi and welcome...
  6. yeah, would be nice to see her fully restored!
  7. Unichip is okay - it doesnt have as much dynamics as the offerings from the likes of HKS and Greddy - but should be fine for your needs..
  8. throw out that tornado thing - you've just blocked airflow to your engine - not good... modfying a car will not improve gas mileage - try making the car lighter, remove spare tyre, rear seats, junk you dont need etc.. oh, and be light on the pedal - here our gas is still twice the price of yours, and its said if you want good economy, drive like theres an egg between your foot and the pedal!
  9. A friend is looking for an area sales manager for a software company in San Francisco! if anyones interested i can provide the details!
  10. I was wondering if we had any members living in, or around the San Jose area of California?
  11. I also run Denso Iridium - expensive but they are good.. "you get what you pay for" after all ;)
  12. no worries... its actually at about $6.50 per gallon for 95 octane at the moment.. After spending 10 days in California (and putting 2000 miles on the rental car) I can't believe you guys complain about the cost of gas! I had a 3.5 V6 chevy, and for the whole of the pacific coast highway cost about $50... (i also heard on the news because of the prices Bush was going to call an energy crisis!) I shouldn't laugh, i know for you it seems really pricey, but the comparison is amusing...
  13. yeah, as Leigh says, regular oil should be fine..
  14. thats rubbish, i went from 95 octane to 98, but when gas hit $6 a gallon, i went back to 95 without any problems. :D
  15. RON is the octane level of the gas. you should have a choice of 2 or 3 different types of fuel at any gas station, and if your going for the cheapest, your getting 87 RON.. the brand is much less important than the RON, as i say, its all the same in the end...
  16. the gas is all the same - just different refineries... i hear quite often of excess fuel being sold to another company... if i was you, i'd stop pumping the cheap 87 RON into your tank and pay for the decent stuff - you will notice and improvement then ;)
  17. i'd say it'd be a classic, depending on what condition its in... I guess it comes down to what someones willing to pay..
  18. it depends what parts you mean... saying 'parts' doesnt help much, some will, some wont...
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