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  1. I just bought this van about a month ago. For a couple of weeks white smoke started coming out of my exhaust when I started it up. It has 121,000 miles. I checked the oil, this was fine, no evidence of contamination. I checked the coolant bottle which is low so I topped it up with water and anti freeze. The smoke stops once the car has covered about 2 miles. There is no loss of power ar any other evidence that their is anything wrong. He checked the engine and found no evidence of cracks or anything else. The car doesn't overheat, the temperature guage stays half way between hot and cold. I've checked the oil every week and the dipstick is showing a good colour oil and the oil cap shows no evidence of water getting into the engine. It really does put out the white smoke. So much that I people stop and ask if everything is ok. The compression test was perfect as well. My mechanic is puzzled! Any idea...