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  1. Wooo Hooooo Peeps I am Ash. I am female and from the UK. I own KITT a CELICA GT-R. And I love her to bits.
  2. Yo Fidge, I dont suppose you have a KITT wall paper aka GEN 5 CELICA B) Cheers hun.
  3. KITT


    The shape of the Gen 6 is a close second like our Dak said but it has to be in the correct colour ;) and I only the Gen 4 in Black B)
  4. KITT


    I beg to differ Fidge. Gen 7s are becoming way to common where I live :(
  5. KITT


    I am still not keen on the shape and the color is a no no. I love the shape of the Gen 5 very sexy curves and looks so hot in black. :D
  6. I have to say I have always seen them as seperate car compaines especialy Toyota with Lexus:P :o Ash.
  7. I would love one of these units, :) a mate of mine has got one and said it helped him out a good few times. So quick and easy to use. I will have to wait and see what Father Christmas brings me. :D
  8. KITT

    Gen 7

    I cant see that happening. But it would be nice B) Ash.
  9. KITT


    Yes Baz, course it counts..................... any day of the week. :D I love your Supra and I want it. lol just the Supra B) :P welllllllll mmmmmmmm
  10. we are just getting this party started. alllll are invited :D B)
  11. KITT


    I wouldnt have it any other way
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