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  1. IIRC there is/was a felt fabric cover that went over mine. Of course with spillage etc... and the fact I removed the console I removed it. The only drawback is it catches pennies and dimes and nickles which you will need a screwdriver to pluck out.
  2. For a resonable price you can get a Scion HU which is a simple replacement, all things fit. The Scion HU is sattelite compatible. However, you have to buy the sattelite module which is about as expensive as a new roady Xt. Other than that it is use the tape connector which is a fairly decent sound, or the modulator. There is a built in modulator, however, the reception sucks.
  3. Even though the situation seems complex, the solution may be simple. I have an un modded 2000 Echo, I had a CEL on throwing misfires in the plugs. Meh, I think, a simple change of the plugs, and the CEL light goes away. (I even talked about it HERE but I get in and start her up, and I still have a CEL light Ok, so off to auto zone I go, there are no codes being thrown. I go home, and scour the forums at Echofans, and it seems to be that I need to reset the electric system by simply disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. This resets the CEL, among other things like the MAF and VVTi solenoids and computer components, and the CEL went away with some simple trouble shooting. Expect the car to run like ass for the first 15-20 miles warm until the computers can get their comparitive readings and you should be in business. IF this doesnt work, then I would call upon Wraith or Toytech as he has had the blitz turbo and very well may have had experience in a similar problem
  4. It would be a nice addition to the site to make a general recalls site, for people who are looking for info on recalls have a guide as they coe up, or others that have been around for a while.
  5. I was excited when I got the Head Unit from Peter Ball last fall, immediately installed it and was pleased with the better sound than that of the stock Echo unit. But the volume was somewhat dissapointing in the long run UNTIL... The other day I was fiddling with it, and I held the SSP button for 5 seconds (I bought this without the manual) and I noticed the words Scion TC (Or something to that effect) appeared on the screen. I figured that this head unit was originally with a TC somewhere. Then I decided to do that again and noticed when I adjust the settings as if you were adjusting the base, that the choices for Xa and Xb also come up. Different sound with each. Under the Tc the volume was not as high and the bass was somewhat over bearing. The Xb Was better, but a lot of reverberration from the Bass. Then I changed it to the Xa setting (Closest interior setup compared with the Echo) What a crisp and clear difference for sure. The balance is smooth, the bass is clear and not over bearing, and the treble really makes a difference in clarifying any music or verbage. Right now I have the Bass set for +3 and the treble set at +1 with the speakers and fader zeroed out. It is really a great unit with the Stock Echo speakers...
  6. Nice work of Ms Paint Peter... B)
  7. I am here Peter.... Nice seeing ya here too! B)
  8. What would management think of as far as a links page. I for one am a manager at www.Echofans.org , and would be happy to link this site to our board. In return, Our site linked from yours. There are many other auto specific clubs that would like to do this... Just food for thought.
  9. yeah, just let us catch up, because you guys in Canada have had the hatchback all along!
  10. Yes, give it time. When Echofans went down, it took some time to kick it back into gear and essentially all the members came back. Once the word gets out, this site will be as strong as some of the bigger car sites like Scionlife, TDI club, VWVortex, and of course us! The site looks like it is growing in leaps and bounds. ;)
  11. I have a 2000 Echo, I fell in love with the hatch, but cannot get them here in the good ole US. For family purposes, I will be getting the 5 door hatch, with the biggest engine available. If and when they are sold.
  12. Just figure I would join here too! I am constantly propping echofans (See sig) I am also on the UK Toyota site. looking around here, and it looks like a real nice site. I am honored that I can be a member
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