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  1. I have a 1999 Toyota Corolla LE with 49,000 miles. For the last month or so, I have been hearing a steady vibrating/flapping noise while driving and this is more pronounced at slow speeds and turns. My tires are also worn out; so I recently took it to a Toyota Dealer Service Center to replace the tires and do some wheel aligment. He also did a 120 point inspection check and came up with the following: I was also told that the hydraulic fluid was leaking and that the serpentine belt and hydraulic tensioner had to be replaced ($413.00). I am alwasy most worried about "leaks" and had him immediately him fix this. I was also told that - 1) the front Brake rotors had to be replaced along with the pads ($525.00), 2) the rear brake drum had to be replaced ($293.00) as these had some "hot spots" in them. I decided to hold off on this brake job since I had not heard any brake squealing etc and had not suspected any brake problems. I was also told to replace the "battery" ??? I had no problems ever starting the car even on really really cold days so I decided to hold off on this too. I drove the car home last night. I can still hear the steady vibrating/flapping noise. My questions are: 1 - Are they "correct" about the front brake rotors and pads needing replacement? 2 - Are they correct about the rear brake drum needing replacement ? 3 - Do you think that this is the probably cause of the vibrating/flapping noise? (I called Midas about both and they said that they would do the front rotor + pads for slightly lesser money. Midas also said that the rear brake drum on a 1999 Toyota Corolla should not be a problem at this stage and probably does not need replacement and that this might have other fixes possible. They said that they would have to take a look at the car. Is it advisable to go with Midas for brake pads and rotor replacement? Waiting for your replies. Many Thanks -R