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  1. Murdock

    Cruise not working

    My manual transmission requires me to pull up on the clutch pedal if the cruse won't work. Sometimes if the peddle is not all the way up cruse will not work. Once cruse is on you can stop pulling up and the cruse will work. Of course this is for a manual and may not be your issue.
  2. Murdock

    Tacoma Alarms While Driving

    Update: After weeks of driving the problem has not happened again. I suspected a faulty switch that informs the computer a fat butt is sittting in the seat and checked the wiring underneath the driver seat that runs down under the carpet. Not sure this is it but reading the Toyota alarm check list requires the technician to sit in the seat and do several checks while sitting. Make sinse because when you are in the seat and turn the ignition on the alarm does not set and only the doors lock. Beats me but it is working for now. Weird.
  3. Has anyone ever had a factory Tacoma alarm go off while cruzing at 20 mph. I get in and turn the ignition on the doors lock and the vehicle starts. Pull out on the road and go to shift into second and BAM! Alarm goes off, lights flash both inside and outside and the horn begins to honk. The only way to turn the alarm off is pull off the road turn off the ignition and start over. It happened twice in one day. I took it to the dealer and of course they could not repeat it nor did they find anything wrong with the system. They didn't find anything wrong with my charge card either and I'm curious if they did anything other than drive my gas out trying to repeat the incident. They didn't remove the leads from the battery because my stereo never lost it's code due to lack of power. It is not factory so they would not know the code. Hmmmmm makes you wonder.