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  1. Hi, I'm planning to replace the factory AM/FM stereo and two front speaker with new AM/FM/CD/SAT/MP3 system with four speakers. The car is prewired for four speakers. There are two 4" speakers in the frong kick panels and provisions for 5x7's in the rear deck. I have to cut the holes in the deck cover though. I've been looking at a Pioneer or a Kenwood. Speaker brands I'm not sure, I've looked a bunch and they all seem to have something wrong with them in someone's review. My budget is about $250 for the system, give or take. So I'm not looking to put in a 3000 watts hip-hop dream system. This is an old car and I'll add some options like iPod adapter and maybe XM satellite. I figure about $120-140 for head unit and maybe up to $40 for front speakers and $80 for rear. I'll likely put baffles under rear speakers and maybe fronts if room permits. The fronts will have to be slimline or shallow types. Any thoughts?
  2. I believe I have a direct drive starter, and am wonder if a gear reduction type would work on my 20R engine. If not, why not? If anyone knows anything useful about these particular Toyota starters, I'd love to hear about it. Either way I have to replace it, the solenoid is sparking and smoking. Thanks.
  3. No I live in Yorktown. However I use to live outside of Mechanicsville, and know the name. What ever happen to Lawhorn's auto parts up near Ashland? Thanks for the tip.
  4. It takes a driver to drive an old school car. These new cars are getting so refined that even a child can drive them fast. Active control suspensions will make everyone an expert.
  5. I have the same question, and would love to know where I can get an A40D cheap. Also my throttle pressure cable on my current A40 is stuck, so I have no kickdown capability right now. Anyone familiar with this problem, or know where I can get a cable? Thanks.
  6. Where do I get a VSV for the airconditioning idle-up diaphragm?
  7. Hi, I joined a while ago. I'm looking for other member that are knowledgeable about this model Toyota. Please contact me if you've worked on this car. Thanks.
  8. I need to ask someone who knows this model a question specific to the air conditioner idle-up diaphragm connection on the carburetor. It also relates to the VSV device. Very important!
  9. Does anyone else here have a 79 Corona? I need to ask a very specific question about the air conditioner idle-up diaphragm connection on the carburetor. There is a "VSV for Air Conditioner" device, that ties through vacuum hoses to the carburetor. Very important!
  10. Thanks, I'll add pics when I get a chance. The color is Mint Green Metallic. :D
  11. I just got a Corona that is totally stock. Even the tires are 185/SR-14's. Car has 74K miles on it. It some rust, but in excellent condition for its age.
  12. It's a 2005, it doesn't need that yet. ;) With a clutch sensor, it will either allow it to turn over or it won't. I guess they just don't make Toyotas like they use to. B)
  13. Do you have fuel injection or a carburetor?