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  1. We have a 2006 Sequoia with rear entertainment system (DVD) and Navigation. From day one, we've gotten a cryptic error message when starting up the DVD: "Knowledge: It appears operation button if you touch screen at front seat, or push curosr key of rear seat remote controller during playing disc." Then you have to click OK to get through it and watch the DVD. As you can imagine, this annoys the heck out of us. We asked the dealer for help, and they claim it's a factory-set safety warning that can't be cleared. I really do not believe this - because (1) if it was a safety warning, it would have to be worded in a way that you could understand, and (2) they claim it's only on DVD systems with Nav, but again - if it was a safety warning, shouldn't it apply to everyone (nav or no nav?) We are frustrated by this and wonder if anyone else has had this problem. Or NOT had this problem - I'd like to disprove the dealer's theory that this is an intentional message.
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