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  1. Ok, here we go: 1984 Toyota Tercel Wagon Deluxe When I start it: it seems to run very smooth. I can drive the car locally and reasonable speeds (45mph and under) and it hasn't given me too much problem. Upon getting up around 55-65 MPH it starts spitting and sputtering and missing. I give it gas and it sounds like it is bogging down. I let up on the gas and most of the time, I can drop down to about 40-45 and it will sputter for a while and then sometimes clear up, sometimes sputter for quite sometime with no power and then clear up. This has been going on for a few weeks. Then the other day, it did it at low speeds. Here's what I've done so far. 1) Changed and correctly gapped new spark plugs 2) changed distributor cap and rotor button (rotor button was screwed up) 3) fuel filter changed At low speeds it is completely random when it will happen. It will idle fine when sitting still even after I restart immediately when the "sputtering" kills the engine. It doesn't matter if the car is warm or cold, it still seems random when this occurs unless reaching high speeds which will do this Everytime then. No shifting problems, good acceleration otherwise. Any ideas on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Please email me: Thank You