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  1. i got a fuel pressure regulator for my 99 rolla but i am not sure how to install it and if i have to wait for the car to cool overnight so i dont spill fuel all over the place when i take the rail off .... any insight would be helpful on how to install one pics maybe....
  2. i have a 1999 corolla and the problem you have sounds familar to the only one i had , the way i fixed it was by replacing the stock rotors with aftermarket cross drilled ans slotted rotors with premium pads...hope this helps you out
  3. I'm New to this stuff but i'm not sure what the big difference between the XRS corolla and the corolla CE or S for that matter, i mean theres a big HP diff. between the two so i thought maybe i would try to make my own version of it....why not right
  4. I'm doing a brake line exchange from rubber to steel braided and i'm not sure if i can use silicone brake fluid or should i just use dot 3 or 4any help would be great
  5. does anyone know the answer or am i just in the dark about this topic?
  6. Does anyone know if the cams from a celica will fit in the head of a corolla , and if the vvti will still work the same if i switch out the cams? ;)
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