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  1. I have 79 CORONA w/RT-134 chassis build date04/79. It's clean enough for me to want to do a fair amount of work on. Like to install a larger brake system on it.Thought a swap from later model car or 2 wheel drive truck ie. SR-5 sport truck or other (4 lug hub) would be the cheaper way to go. Problem is I'm not familar w/ which would fit.Does anyone have any thoughts or knowledge on subject. TIA Rick Ames aka ricksgrey89T
  2. Thought I would post this ques in truck location. Have 79 Corona with RT134 april1979 build date & have plans to swap in LS400 or SC400 1UZ-FE motor w/ Supra 5 spd. trans. A similar swap was explained in current issue of GRASSROOTS MOTORSPORTS.This sounds like a very cool & doable swap but article made no mention of of brake swap. QUESTION?--Do any Toy.trucks have similar but larger brake/caliper and hub assemblys Thanks Rick Ames aka ricksgery89T
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