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  1. cfc1

    The best MR2?

    I voted, not saying what for though.. keep you guessing.
  2. If you get Toyota to fit a supercharger.. it doesn't affect the warranty.
  3. If you have a suggestion that you think may enhance this site please let us know :D .We need your input, without you the club won't grow:( , so post your idea's here. Thanks in advance :D
  4. Hello to you both.. hope you enjoy the club and help it get bigger and BIGGER., and if you have any idea's for the site, just let us know and we will see if we can do it :).
  5. Yes.. c'mon people.. we need your input to help the club grow, and when it does, it will be well worth your efforts. You can learn a lot more about your car, get help with problems you may have with your car, you can get lots of idea's for modifying your motor.. from bodywork to engine. You can even just show your car to the rest of the world by posting up some pictures for us all to see ....... so, c'mon you lot, don't just read the forums, GET POSTING ON THEM! (it doesn't even have to be car related)
  6. I voted yes.. because i feel that lexus and toyota are 2 different brands, thats 2 brands from the same company.. it happens in all aspects of manufacturing not just cars.
  7. I've got a black yaris now!.. So i want green one... someone else must like the green one... anyone? (silence) awwe cmon eople there must be someone??? (silence) **tumbleweed**
  8. Once i got my current loan cleared, i can see a strong possiblity of a P3 sitting in my drive too......... a top of the range 1.8 turbo with all the optional extra's ( or the 1.5 if we don't get the 1.8), i thought... if i gonna get into debt again, may aswell go the whole hog and get everything it's got . A green one.
  9. I found this on Ebay, i have no idea if it fits a UK yaris.. but it says it is a direct replacement for the factory radio in the Echo (1999-2005). A quote from the auction........ If your looking for a new cd player that looks like a standard stereo, this just might be what your looking for...... What do you think?
  10. Hi all.. looking forward to seeing more Yari here.. lots of nice ones in the UK .. but we don't get them with a boot/trunk. Ayone got one with a rear spoiler?.. i would be interested in seeing how they look.
  11. cfc1

    Hi all

    Well hello there folks.. just thought i'd say hello to you while browsing your site, and very good it is too
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