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  1. yea my dad looked at it (im 16) and just drilled a hole slightly over from where the origional is for the bottom of the track and rebolted it in the new one so as to make the window fit tighter when its down. seems to have done the trick though im not going to purposely slam my door with the window down again as he was mad enough having to put the window in the track for a second time... though when we took the door apart neither of us noticed anything loose or missing...
  2. yea thats what i thought when i went to replace the front drivers side 6.5" speaker in my door... just ordered it thinking oh it wont cost more than 50 dollars... i get the OEM replacement or whatever its called from the toyota dealership about a week and a half later... 140 dollars.... i actually laughed when they said the price.. then i realized they were serious....
  3. i have a 98 camry LE and accidentally knocked the window out when i closed the door when i got out because i had the window down. oops. took the door apart and popped the window back in, but it happened again. even with the window not al the way down it was about half way. any ideas on how to fix/modify it to keep it from coming off track. i mean im not slamming the door. im closing it very very nicely. and dont say the obvious dont roll the windows down.