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  1. Hi Members, I am very new to the club.. First post.. I want to say Hi!!! to everyone.. Problem: Ocassionally the electric door on the drivers side does not unlock. This happens if someone (me) opens the door handle fron inside while my wife is toggling the unlock switch .. all other doors unlock but the drivers side does not.. When this happens I do see the button on the door move but it does not move up to the normal unlock position. If the unlock switch is toggled repeatedly after this event(error 0n my part) the drivers side remains locked until I crank down the window and pull the door handle from the outside. This does not unlock the door but it does do something because if I toggle the unlock switch another time the drivers side door then usually unlocks. In an attempt to determine if something mechanical is sticking and causes the door not to unlock I have attempted to remove the inside drivers door panel. I can not figure out how to remove the window handle crank. Does anyone have a suggest as to the cause of the door not to unlock or how to remove the window crank so I can remove the door panel and atleast get a look inside???? Thanks for your help... Glen