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  1. previa real great i have gone through 2 but still have 2 right now one of the mane thing that i would say exhaust the flex pipe in front of the cat its a one piece part prices vary i have just bin replace the flex the rest is good breaks is great as long as they get check once per year (disk pads) depends on how you drive there is 4 wheel disk and front disk and rear shoes lot of parts are still arable at rock-auto body parts is a different thing overall they are great sorry that they discontinued that line in the us good hunting
  2. idle great when cold until reaches operating temp then it starts to idle rough switch it off restart idle OK for a little then back to rough idle
  3. one of the frist thing that you should have done was to check the head to make sure its not warped and the valves are seated now that you have put it back together check the compression on each cylinder did you remove the distributor ? if not remove the coil wire and put a ball of paper towel in the #1 plug bump the motor over till you here it pop the rotor should be pointed at #1
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