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  1. Okay found a few good yaris videos for a mt that goes into removing the subframe. Now how about a simpler question...i know certain cars subframe bolts are not reuseable once removed. Is that the case with this car or can i clean and reuse?
  2. Its a 2001 Echo base sedan. Had this car for 3 years. Previous owner put 180,000 miles on it in 18 years. All parts were from the dealer. Some probably original...like the motor mounts with no rubber xD I replaced the cat converter 2 years ago and it already burnt out on me a month ago and i started noticing the rattling over bumps even after i replaced my shocks/struts, control arms/ball joints, stabilizer links and bushings and tie rod ends. I replaced the passenger and tranny mounts and as soon as i jacked up under the oil pan, one of the 2 bolts coming through the subframe just fell out (from the nut down. And what little was left of the bolt was caked in rust and seized. Tried beating it out for 2 hours and half a can of pb blaster before i finally went and bought a mapp torch heated it for 30 seconds and it popped right out. TLDR; Finally after freeing it found out gotta drop the subframe 2-3 inches, Haynes is not very detailed with this car xD I'm a backyard mechainc and mechanic is pushing it. I just cant afford shops and anything more than a tune-up is going to take me 100 times longer than it would a regular mechanic. Lots of trips for new tools or parts lots of breaks for Haynes, youtube and forums xD I've done a subframe before on a different car. Can anyone give me a good detailed rundown of how to remove or just lower the subframe a few inches? Thanks!
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