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  1. Update to above problem - Took Venza to local dealer for problem, The battery was disconnected, a memory dump was done and a hard reset was done to Venza for a possible software glitch which may be the cause of problem. Told to wait and see if this takes care of the problem
  2. 2021 Toyota Venza Hybrid Limited Fuel gauge and fuel tank do not operate properly, like the 2020 & 2021 Rav 4 gas tank problem. On 2/8/21 when the gauge indicated 1/2 tank, I put in 9.997 gal of gas, since this car only has a 14 1/2 gal tank the tank could not have been 1/2 full. On 2/14/21 The gauge read 2/3, Odometer read 2504. I pumped gas and the pump shut off at 1.1 gal, I slowly added gas as the pump kept clinking off till I got a total of 1.743 gal of gas into the tank. I started the engine and the gas gauge still read 2/3, so I started the gas pump again slowly added another 1.287 gal of gas. I started the car again and the gauge still read 2/3 full. I left the gas station and after driving approx. 4 miles the gauge suddenly went up above the full mark. On 2/27/21 Gauge was at ½, I pumped 7.528 gal till full vehicle odometer was at 2754 miles. This time that seemed to be correct, Miles driven since last fill up was 250 miles. Miles per gallon this time would have been 33.21 mpg. On 3/15 21 Gauge was at 1/3 odometer was at 3111, I could only put in 6.477 gallons of gas till pump kept shutting off, gauge went to full. The tank could not have been full the gauge only read 1/3 before filling and the vehicle had been driven 357 miles since last fill up. This means the gas mileage was 55.12 mpg this time. The gas gauge on this 2021 Toyota Venza cannot be trusted, it seems to be a guessing game as to how much gas is really in the fuel tank. I talked to one person at the local toyota service center and was told that the gas tank was the same part number as the ones being replaced on the Rav4 Hybrids for the problem of the tanks not filling properly and the gas gauge not operating properly, but nothing can be done until Toyota finds that there is a problem and sends out instructions (TSB) to repair or replace the defective parts. The 2021 Rav 4 Hybrid has been added to the list for replacement of the defective parts, and my 2021 Venza Hybrid Limited should be added to the list for repair also. After spending over $43,000 for a new vehicle this should not be a problem customers should have to be concerned about. The other problem is due to the gauge and tank problem the miles remaining display is always wrong.
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