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  1. Sadly, the smell is back. Just like an "old crankcase oil" smell, not a "fresh burned oil" smell. Any ideas?
  2. The smell was certainly a crankcase smell. I have since learned one of the few issues with this (nearly bulletproof) engine is sludge buildup. The smell was certainly "old oil-ish" This was a one owner car 107,000 miles. I found it at a dealer in Slidell Louisiana. I suspect the lady that had it is deceased. The CD changer had old time radio shows and early 50's Doo-Wop. I also highly suspect that it sat for years. Musty smell, but no leaks. New Orleans area.
  3. Update, the PVC valve was certainly not functioning clogged, partially open, didn't fully close
  4. I meant "crankcase blowby"
  5. Hi everyone. Just happily acquired a 1999 XRS...107,000 miles, beautiful interior runs like a bat out of hell, right clean oil clean tranny fluid, clean in general. One I throw a paint job on it I will feel like the Fat Cat in the Monopoly game, may even smoke a fat cigar...(-: However for some reason it gets this oil smell in car , kinda smells like crankcase blown even thought this engine in very tight. I was thinking...PCV valve? What do you guys think? And thanks!!!
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