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  1. We have to share a great find to keep your AC working well . Vent//Tabs makes replacement tabs for 2009-2013 Corolla air vents . When the blades/louvers become loose and aren't working properly , it's often the vent tab that needs to be replaced. The dealer will often suggest to replace the air vent for $200 , but you can do this for less than $20 yourself. Easy , no tools , 5 minutes and you'll be back in business. Check it out www.venttabs.com and Good luck
  2. Just want to share a great low cost repair solution for Camry 2002-20011 . When the air vent is broken or not working properly , you can replace the vent assembly for $200+ or just replace the primary part , called the vent tab or vent clip. Vent/Tabs has developed a low cost solution that will be an easy install , no tools required. Check out www.venttabs.com and good luck !
  3. We discovered a great solution for AC air vent repairs . AC vent broken or not working right ? You can take care of it yourself now, with VentTabs. No tools requird and no removal of the vent from the dashboard. Less than 5 minutes and you'll be rolling in comfort again . WWW.venttabs.com
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