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  1. I have had four Toyota's over the last twenty years and my children have had some because I always said how good they are.

    My 2013 Highlander has started to have a clicking/clanking noise from the rear back door drive mechanism during both the opening and closing operations.  The Toyota Enhanced Warranty which was issued about 6 years ago describes the problem and how the dealership will check for the problem.  I suppose standing next to the door and opening and closing it a few times should indicate if there is a problem, I dare say they might talk about many hours required for this simple operation.

    I booked it into the dealership where I bought all of my Toyotas and have had them serviced at.  When I turn up to have the simple check on the mechanism, they said the cost would be a minimum of $148 plus taxes.  I guess because they cannot make money on new and used cars because of the chip shortage they have decided to rip owners off some other way.

    I emailed Toyota main office and they are not interested in sorting this problem, I guess they must be thinking that if people do not get it check out, they will not have to pay the cost of repairing the mechanism.

    At the end of the year I was going to buy one of the new version of the Tundra pickups, I have now decided after many years of owning Toyotas, to go to another brand.  So much for Toyota stand behind their products, what makes it worse is that they know that their design is at fault but will still not fix it. 

    David J. Lord

  2. I am just about to do my first oil change.  The Owners Manual says 0W-20, but then it says use a viscosity grade of oil if you do high speed driving.  I was looking at a 5w-30 because I live in a hot area and my car is in the garage and is not left outside in cold weather.

    Do other people use this in their V6 3.5 l engines.

    Thanks Dave

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