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  1. .02 Haven't topped off a gas tank since '80s with Gov't emission standards requiring vapor recovery gas tanks. Only have it a few months but get a full fuel fill pegging the gas gauge every time. Never run a gas tank below 1/8 anyway since the gas is necessary to cool and lubricate the in tank electric fuel pump. Rav4 '19-20 Hybrids have a plastic "saddlebag" gas tank like those used in many AWD GM SUVs. Unlike a typical saddlebag tank which straddles the driveshaft, these rear electric motor Toys don't use a rear driveshaft, but they do have a metal support beam similarly raising that portion of the bottom of the tank separating the tank into two sections joined at the top, the gas filler being on the forward section and the vapor vent line being on the other. Maybe like the GMs these type tanks have a problem when owners repeatedly attempt to top off the tank forcing liquid gas into the vapor vent line eventually jamming the vapor vent solenoid which is meant to vent vapor, not liquid. Once liquid blocks the vent line the rear section of the tank develops an air embolism and cannot be completely filled.
  2. Rolled in with Detroit iron and rolled out with a '20 Indiana Highlander Limited and ' 20 Japanese Rav4 xse Hybrid. Looking forward to joining discussions.