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  1. So I got my 2018 Camry SE I Don’t know if I should just buy it at the end or upgrade to the XSE , Is it really worth starting over or just pay off the one I have a u intake guys help me out ?!
  2. What do you think ? Get the XSE or just payoff mine ???
  3. Beautiful ride I got the 2018 Camry SE , I love my car I didn’t get the XSE Because I didn’t know I was gonna like my car but now I’m like damn I wish I would’ve gotten the XSE , It’s a lease I got one more year left I could upgraded to XSE but I don’t know if I wish to start all over or just pay off my car
  4. If you have a chance to get the xse do it if not definitely the SE Model
  5. There super reliable I own a 18 Camry Se at times I wish I would’ve went with the xse but I love my se