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  1. Hi, I own a 97 Paseo convertible. I'm looking to sell, but before I do I want to understand what is wrong with it. When I drive in stop and go traffic and stop too many times in a row the car stalls out. The engine shuts off completely. When this happens I turn the car off the rest of the way and when I turn it back on the engine is good to go again until the next time the traffic gets thick. As long as there is no traffic the car can drive long distances with no issues. Considering I live in the SF bay area, I rarely have no traffic. I took it to a shop, but all the other mechanics I've talked to disagree with the conclusion. Hoping to find some ideas here before I spend a lot of money at a shop again. I'll be selling it and not sure if I should get it fixed before or after selling. Of course letting the buyer know of the issues if so.
  2. I have a red convertible in the San Fransisco Bay Area. Replaced the top & got a new paint job about 7 years ago. Still looks great. Doesn't run well anymore. Not sure what needs to be fixed, but I will be posting that in a different feed. I'll check the number when I get home. That is a cool thing to know