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  1. Hello all, Joe here. I bought my father's '86 Cressida in '05, when he was trading it in for a new Tacoma. The Cressida was the European competition to the Mercedes back then. Dad has always kept his vehicles immaculate, 103000 miles, all original other than bulbs, and I replaced the driver side mirror when my buddy hit it with his trailer. Speaking of Dad, 31,543 days on that old chassis, (86+), all original parts, just had a valve replaced in circulating system pump, so see more Toyotas on the horizon........ Anyway, the Cressida still looks good going down the road, and even the little circle of light comes on when you lift the driver door handle, so you can see where to put the key! When you insert the key and turn (right twist facing car) once, unlocks your door, turn twice- opens all the doors. This was before key fobs rise to popularity and then the standard in the 00's.