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  1. 2014 Sienna XLE AWD transmission failure at 82,822 miles. Heard clunking sound that varied with speed. Changed front CV joints to no avail. Brought to dealer who informed me I'd have to replace entire transmission. Brought to local transmission shop who pulled the pan and sure enough, bearings and metal in the pan. Disappointing to have bought brand new car expecting to last 10 to 15 years min. Now 5 year old car completely done for the time being. $4562 + 1678 Labor to get on road again. Totoya customer care has no care for issue and premature failure. Just state it's our problem. Anyone else have issues with this model? I regret buying a new Toyota and definitely won't again. Used and another brand is in my future. I should have leased something, I'd be better off financially at this point.