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  1. The local junk yard is our go to place for some cheap parts here. Find one near you and you'll find some gem there.
  2. Howdy! How's your research so far? We've been planning to drive up north and might need a heater for the 4Runner. We'll work on it right after we finished installing the brake kit and atv attachments on the TRX. I have a friend mechanic who could hint me about the heater but he's overseas now.
  3. Howdy! That's a neat looking one and low mileage. Must be well maintained.
  4. Thank you sir! We are having a blast with this vehicle indeed.
  5. Hey, all! Glad to found this community. I'm back to Toyota ownership after about 8 years when I sold my Corolla. Recently acquired a 4 Runner as weekend toy. Great to see a community sharing some knowledge about Toyota rides so I signed up.