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  1. The good. about 150K miles. engine strong, timing belt and head gasket replaced. Most everything works. Runs and drives well. The bad. terminal due to rust cancer. it spent first 12 years of its life in NE Ohio. Cooling system problem, cause uncertain. Randomly running hot. Will need two new tires soon. Will send pics to anyone interested. regards ddnorm
  2. Wonder what fair price is in northern CA for an independent shop to replace timing belt and water pump. and should I have the serpentine belt replaced as well, and then what is fair price? This car has 178K miles on it, no past major problems reported by seller, but needs 'hydraulic pump' (?) (power steering) replaced since tires were replaced recently. any response appreciated... regards ddnorm
  3. California car, clean inside and out, and under the hood. Seller says needs 'hydraulic pump' (?) (power steering) replaced, and is taking 300 off price. 178000 miles, no major problems in the eight years she has had it. Says everything works. Are Camrys prone to major problems or repairs? Will I need to replace timing belt, head gasket, ... soon or in a year or 2? any response will help me to negotiate price and will be much appreciated... regards ddnorm