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  1. I am in need of expertise – or, perhaps, just the right documentation – to help me wire up an after-market stereo to a 2000 Toyota Sienna. I recently purchased an after-market stereo to replace the original unit in the minivan. I also purchased a conversion harness kit, but the connectors in the kit did not fit the terminals in this vehicle. After hours of searching online, I found lots of references to wiring diagrams for a 2000 Toyota Sienna, but none of them gave me the detail I need, and most were just wrong. I've attached a spreadsheet with a picture of the terminals that were in the vehicle, a list of the wires in each pin, and the list of wires from the after-market stereo that I need to map the vehicle wires to. Any help would be hugely appreciated! Eric Sienna Wiring Spreadsheet.xlsx