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  1. Topic says it all. Of course, it will hve to be in good condition. Cant have one that doesnt work
  2. Tacoma section? Couldnt find it. All I really need to know is what goes into a Turbo kit, so I can start buying parts. Some of my big questions are: Will I need an intercooler? Any electronic management needed? I should be getting bigger, injecters, fuil rail, manifold and oil system parts soon. I need to know whet else I will need. Besides the obvious...a turbo :P
  3. I'm going to be doing the installation myself, so that should cut down on the cost a bit. Since there isn't (at least I haven't found) a specific kit for the 3EE, the biggest problem is finding out what I'm going to need to put a custom kit together, and then acquiring the parts. I've just never turbocharged a car, and I'm just not sure of everything I'm going to need to make this work. I know people usually swap in a different engine when they want more power, but I work with what I have. What else could I do to add more power, but still keep it reliable? Thanks, Shemp
  4. Hey, Recently the motor in my '94 Tercel went south and now I have a fairly new (only 30k miles) 3EE I'm putting in soon. I'm looking for a little extra power and one of the routes I was thinking about taking was turbocharging the engine. I'm only looking to run a low amount of boost (I want to keep the stock internals), somewhere in the realm of 4 to 6psi . This is going to be a daily driver so it has to be reliable. There does not seem to be any kits made for the 3EE, so is turbocharging this engine feasible? Perhaps a custom job? What exactly would I need to get to do this? Any information anyone might have will be much appreciated. :) Thanks, Shemp
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